This is just a placeholder post setting out the stall here.

I have been @jasonaw on Twitter but at the time of writing, there's a non-zero chance that website will stop working in the not-too distant future.

I'll be posting short updates about whatever takes my fancy here, maybe not as short as a tweet but I'm not planning for this to be a venue for long, chin-stroking essays.

You can keep up with what I post here here in a number of ways.

  • Email subscription You can put in your email below and receive updates here just like it was a newsletter. Write.as has a great privacy policy and I don't even get to see your email address. I will never charge for posts here – totally free.
  • RSS You really should have an RSS reader set up now that your favorite social media news firehose is about to bite the dust. I recommend paying just five bucks a month for a Feedbin account. Feedbin can not only grab website RSS feeds but YouTube channels and even feeds from Twitter accounts (if they are a thing that still exists in a week.)
  • Fediverse You can follow me from any server in the fediverse (e.g. any Mastodon instance at @jasonwilson@write.as and every post I make here will show up in your feed.

If you're coming across this at random – I'm a reporter who works for the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project. I have views on many other things like tech, music, musical instruments, cycling etc etc.

You'll get to know all this if you follow me here. See you on the flip side!